We are so excited to introduce Gathre Boards this holiday season!

The Board's favorite cheeses + accompaniments delivered just in time for Thanksgiving gatherings + cocktail hour.

Simply place your order using the contact form below and take one thing off your Thanksgiving week list of todos.


Gathre safely, y'all!

SMALL - $80

Serves Four to Six.

Brie. Manchego. Cranberry Wensleydale.

Meat Preference.

Crackers + Honey.

Seasonal Fruit + Seasonal Additions.

MEDIUM - $120

Serves Eight to Ten.

Brie. Manchego. Cranberry Wensleydale. Truffle Goat.

Two Meat Preferences.

Crackers + Olives + Honey.

Seasonal Fruit + Seasonal Additions.

LARGE - $160

Serves Twelve to Fifteen.

Brie. Manchego. Cranberry Wensleydale. Truffle Goat. Humboldt Fog.

Two Meat Preferences.

Crackers + Olives.

Truffle Honey.

Seasonal Fruit + Seasonal Additions.

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